Time plan

The project inclusion process started on 1st January 2013 and continues for one year or until there are 500 primigravida mothers. Since 1st July 2013 the first women in the project started to come to the hospital and deliver their babies and the first data obtained is being processed.

We expect the remaining participants in the project to come and give birth in September 2014 or when there is collected data from ca 500 women who have complied with the random process.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to publish incomplete project results but it will be possible to read about the project`s process at least every two months under the section latest news.

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Project hand technique?

The aim of the project is to obtain information that can produce documentation and evidence for the most preferable of two methods used for the delivery of the baby`s shoulders during birth which causes the least vaginal and perineal damage


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