Criteria for inclusion in the project:

Du kan deltage hvis du er

  • expecting your first child and the baby`s head is presenting
  • expecting your second child following a previous Cesarean section and the baby`s head is presenting

Primary exclusionary criteria:

You cannot take part in the project, if you are

  • not expecting your first child and have previously given birth vaginally
  • expecting twins
  • planning to have a Cesarean section

Secondary exclusionary criteria:

You can neither take part, if you

  • give birth before gestation week 35+0
  • give birth to your baby in a breech presentation
  • give birth by an emergency Cesarean section

Usefulness of the project

The results of the project will be useful for future pregnant women in labor, as it will produce documentation and evidence for which midwifery practice can minimize the risk of tears in the birth canal when assisting the birth of the baby`s shoulders.

The participants in the project will gain by having the advantage of extra focus on the help given in assisting the birth of their baby and thus the decreased risk of tears during birth, as well as providing optimal treatment for tears that do occur.

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Project hand technique?

The aim of the project is to obtain information that can produce documentation and evidence for the most preferable of two methods used for the delivery of the baby`s shoulders during birth which causes the least vaginal and perineal damage


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